Church Planter Training

Men and women in India who have entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ, demonstrate Christ-like leadership and a desire to serve the church are enrolled in a six-month training program. For $200, you can equip an Indian national as a church planter. Training includes Discipleship, Community Transformation and Leadership Development. Church planters are key to Transformation 1040 connecting with villages and assessing their openness to the Gospel and readiness to be “adopted” as a T1040 village.

Discipleship Training

New believers are enrolled in the one-month discipleship course at the Great Commission Training School where they learn the foundations of the Christian faith. Surrounded by various religions and living amongst unchurched people, it is important to receive biblical training and encouragement. For just $100 a person, you can help disciple a new believer in the ways of Christ.

Transform a Village

You can help plant a church and transform one of 45,103 villages in Bihar by partnering with us to provide holistic community development to an entire village. When you give $2,800, Transformation 1040 will equip a village with a fresh water well, literacy training for children, a bicycle for the church planter, Bibles, hymnals and a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for villagers.

Church Planter Support

Indigenous church planters are Christ’s hands and feet to the many people and villages of northern India. After training at the Great Commission Training School, men and women are commissioned as church planters and become responsible for sharing the Gospel with villagers and implementing a variety of evangelistic tools with the aim of planting house churches and cultivating the soil of transformation. For $150 a month or $1,800 a year, you can support a church planter and his or her family.

Water Well

Transformation 1040 provides drinking water to villagers who have little to no access to clean water. Most of the diseases in Bihar are carried through contaminated water from shallow, open wells. For $900 you can provide a fresh-water well to an impoverished village. Each well is dedicated to the village, giving a church planter the opportunity to tell villagers about Jesus, the Living Water.


Drilling a Well by Hand

Women Empowerment

The majority of women in Bihar have little education and possess few marketable skills. Transformation 1040 trains and equips women to start their own micro-enterprise business, in the context of Christ-centered training. Your support of $225 provides one woman six months of training in the Bridge of Hope Sewing School and her very own pedal-powered sewing machine. Women graduate from the program not only prepared to help support their families but with a new understanding of Jesus. Approximately 40% of students enter into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus.

Literacy Training

There are over 19 million children between the ages of 0-6 living in Bihar, most of whom live in rural areas with little to no access to education. With only a 60% literacy rate, Bihar is one of the least literate states in India. Transformation 1040 provides literacy training to children for one year in villages where we have planted churches. For just $30, you can partner with us and provide a child with literacy training for one year.

Educate a Child

Bihar’s poor villages teem with needy, illiterate children. Without proper education or guidance, children often end up victims of child labor, or worse, sex trafficking. You can transform the life of a child by giving them an opportunity to attend school and hope for the future. Transformation 1040 also provides spiritual training to the child's family through special programming. For $20 a month, you can send a child to school with a uniform, backpack and books. Together, let's send 200 children to school this year.

Mercy Home for Boys

The Mercy Home for Boys provides holistic care to 15 boys who were once vulnerable and orphaned. Through carefully chosen house parents, Transformation 1040 is helping raise a generation of strong young men to be thoughtful, Godly leaders in their community. With your support of $50 month, we are able to provide for the physical, educational, spiritual and emotional well-being of these boys in a loving, Christ-centered home environment.

Ray of Hope Girls' Home

Because of extreme poverty, girls in Bihar are particularly at risk of crimes committed against children. That is why the Ray of Hope Girls' Home provides holistic care to 19 girls who were once vulnerable and orphaned. Through carefully chosen house parents, Transformation 1040 is helping raise a generation of educated and healthy young women who will be gracious and Godly role models in their community. We are grateful to our partners at The River Community Church who have fully sponsored this children's home and are providing for the physical, educational, spiritual and emotional well-being of these precious girls in a loving, Christ-centered home environment.

Christmas Outreach

Christmas Outreach – Transformation 1040 uses the natural curiosity villagers have about the Christian Christmas to share the story of Christ’s birth through special observances and celebration. Local church planters then follow up in each village to encourage and disciple new believers. For $50, you can give an entire village the opportunity to hear the story of Jesus coming to earth as the Savior of the world.


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